Monday, November 28, 2016

How to choose cheap fake Oakley sunglasses according to your temperament

How to choose cheap fake Oakley sunglasses according to your temperament? As is known to all,the Oakley sunglasses had become the fashion thing.It plays an important role in fashionable collocation.It had also add some mystery and enhance personality. At the same time,it has the function of modifying our feature.But do you know how to match the cheap Oakley sunglasses by using your feature.Especially in the hot summer,it will make you more cool when you wear the fake Oakey sunglasses. We know that the UV and radiation are bad for our eyesight.So,wearing a pair of Oakley sunglasses is your best choice.For the people who drive cars often use it to protect their eyes. OK,let’s talk about it.
Choose Cheap Oakley Sunglasses by Face Shape

   Firstly,you can choose the fake Oakleys by its utility.If you travel and drive to some flexible places,you can choose the polarized Oakley sunglasses.This type of sunglasses is very special,it can filter the harmful light.But this mirror of sunglasses is very dark.So if you hang out or need some collocation,you can choose the common Oakley sunglasses.It can also prevent UV and radiation.What’s more,you can choose it by your feature.If you are the almond face,you can choose the mirror that is lighter and thinner metal frame.This behavior is to reducing the weight of our face and in order not to make your face is more expansion.As for the awl face,it has the “flat face”,which some people want to have this style face.And a pair of big size Oakley sunglasses will make you more powerful.It can also show the proportion of your face.The most important for you is to avoid the flat sunglasses.As for the rectangular face,you can choose the big size frame to reduce the impression of yourselves that you are a long face.By using this type sunglasses,you can cover your face more.
     When it comes to the collocation of your eyes.It’s a big knowledge.Generally speaking,the location of your eyes are too higher,it will make you more laziness.But the location is too lower,it will make you more ridiculous.For the people who have the small eyes,they should choose the darker color Oakley sunglasses.And the people who have the big eyes,their limits of the sunglasses is very small.Another,the eyebrows are very important when you choose a pair cheap fake Oakleys. The difference between eyebrows and frame don’t too large,or it will be ridiculous.The people whose eyebrows are thick,they must select the thinner sunglasses,or it will weaken the eyebrows impression. Otherwise,the thick frame is suitable for the thinner eyebrows sunglasses.
    It’s true that not every pair of replica Oakley sunglasses will meet our requirement. Otherwise,it will have the bad affection. Judging from the details above,you must be how to choose your personal sunglasses.
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