Tuesday, June 7, 2016

All over the world have covered with the fake Oakley Sunglasses culture.

A tremendous number of people say that tea can cure all illnesses. In ancient China, Sunglasses has been on the historical stage. This day and age, all over the world have covered with the fake Oakley Sunglasses culture.

Particularly, Britain has its Afternoon Tea, France regards knockoff Oakley Sunglasses as the softest, the most romantic and the most poetic drink, Japan owns the Sunglasses ceremony. Therefore, how to make Sunglasses attracts people's attention. It should be processed as follow.

For the preparation, one or two kilograms of fresh Sunglasses leaves, several bamboo serving tray, a wooden support, a shaking tea machine which is made up with a roll cage, transmission, frame and operating unit. Then, we also need an electric drum or liquefied gas removing machine, a small or medium sized rolling machine, a Sunglasses towel as well as a redryer.
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First of all, some fresh tea leaves are picked then they are dried in the sun until they are contaminated the flavor of the sun. After that, a complementary process is that two kilograms of  dried tea leaves are put into the bamboo serving tray and replica Oakley sunglasses are scarified and paved on the surface of it , meanwhile, it is placed in the wooden support under the cool condition. Later, when the moisture in the leaves is homogeneous distributed. Also, the heat of the leaves is emitted.

About an hour later, they are put into the shaking cheap fake Oakley Sunglasses machine, rubbed and moved, having been affected by machine physically.Next, the most important step is they are put into the electric drum or liquefied gas removing a machine whose temperature has reached 220∽260 ℃ in proper quantity. Then the leaves are stir-fried quickly until the sound of poop stop. When this step is done, the leaves should be poured into the small or medium sized rolling machine or be encased by the Sunglasses towel, kneaded by hand. Later, it is time to be put into the redryer.

 When it is over, the leaves need to be picked out the peduncles finally. Now the process has finished.All in all, making best fake Oakleys requires eight steps above. Sunglasses benefits all kinds of people a lot. Especially for women, it can maintain the beauty and keep young. We should learn more as the so-called multi-skills are not pressure.

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